Some of you know HOPSIN because of his crazy contacts, many of you know him from his time at Ruthless Records, very few know he’s from Panorama City, Ca – but you ALL have seen this video ..

HOPSIN just recently came back from doing 4 shows in 4 days out in Australia (definition of this dudes hustle). He now stands at 87k+ followers on Facebook, owns & founded ‘FUNK VOLUME’ records, thats got a 23k+ following – and you think that would be enough to call it a night – HOPSIN and his camp hold ‘THE LAST MC STANDING’ weekly on Yowie.

The Last MC Standing  is a meeting ground for anyone willing to engage in battle to be crowned KING. This week’s LAST MC STANDING will be sponsored by 5ABI KINGS & we’ll be sending the winning MC a prize package.

While HOPSIN was out in Australia touring, his Facebook/Twitter page was flooded with fan pictures from all 4 days of rocking out – S/O to HOPSIN for stayin 5ABI KINGS fitted.

 Don’t forget to Tune in Sunday at 8pm PST for the ‘LAST MC STANDING’ ( http://www.yowie.com/show/4vv) .. like the homes over at Funk Volume say.. Turn it up!!!


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