After a months worth of work our Halloween tee is here. The whole idea came up while watching one of those old cheesy horror flicks from the 80’s and one to many southern comforts and coke. I wanted to create something that captured my childhood growing up, so i started to think it would be real kool to capture a zombie pin up picture throw some cartoon art around it with a halloween inspired twist and bam ..

I got together with Brandon Aquino (a friend of mine whos worked on a few other projects with me) and found a make up artist to add a light zombie horror touch to Juliette. I couldn’t tell you how many different poses, outfits, and make up/looks we went thru before we found a look that knocked us all back.

The photo shoot was shot all in one day. Getting the makeup/hair just right took about an hour and a half tops, plus multiple outfits, and the whole thing was wrapped up in about 3 hours.Juliette was a natural, and great to work with.. soon as she took character, ideas instantly started to hit me. I ran with a large set of pictures and rough ideas/sketches to 5ABI KINGS affiliated NoiseyOne – after a few nights, couple different concepts We produced our FIRST #Halloween tee.

Honestly this whole project was one of my favorites, building it from scratch i seriously felt like i have never had so much fun – this is how is should be, when you push whatever you dreams, goal are – the sense of satisfaction and fulfillment are indescribable. To make this an even more excluisve run, each shirt comes with a high quality 8×11 print of the actually design. The prints are just as limited as the tees.

A few of you may have seen a black release of the tee – which will only be available exclusively thru seceret location give aways, so make sure you follow us on Twitter, Facebook, instagram to find out how and where you can cop one.

Jump to our online store (www.5abikings-onlinestore.com) to get your ‘ANGELIC HORROR’ tee.

5ABI KINGS #TrickOrTreat #Halloween

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