.. plain stupid. Dude builds this house, brings all kinds of havoc building it and now has a change of heart on account of some typical superstition. People are hungry and dying from lack of food literally right under this place – do the right thing asshole.

Abandoned: The 27-storey Antilla, built by Mukesh Ambani in Mumbai, India, is still uninhabitated reportedly because it its billionaire owner believes it would be bad luck if he moved inExpensive: The ancient Hindu tradition of vastu shastra emphasises the importance of facing the rising sun, but Antilla is said to not have enough windows on its eastern sideOpulent: Antilla cost $1billion to build and features three helipads, six floors of car parking and rising gardens, as well as a theatre and ballroombillion-dollar pad ballroomFine rugs, chandeliers and mirrors feature heavily in the numerous sitting areas lthroughout the building


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