Its been a serious couple of months since i last got tattood. The only artist i see are Baby Ray of Spotlight, Mister Cartoon & Norm Awr Msk of Will Rise tattoo. Norm and i started my left calf early this year at Spotlight and finished my entire calf and parts of my right sleeve by mid year at Will Rise (Norms shop on Fairfax, Ca). In between i started to go above the back of the knee and i paused for a minute to focus on 5ABI KINGS and Norm started a tour goin all over the world tattooing – well we finally got a chance to sit down.

For the longest time ive wanted to capture one of my favorite cartoon characters from my childhood. The big bad party animal Wolf – classy, pimp, liked his alcohol and Women. Norm drew one up to my personality and i placed it slightly over my knee up and pretty big.

I’ll finish the piece on december 3rd but while i let the outline heal, it had been so long i told Norm i had another tattoo in mind and i wanted it on my left foot. Norm is kool like that he always takes care of you – he was down to jump into a second tattoo and he got real creative with the quote i wanted ..

after 30 minutes .. DONE.

a total of 3 hours and one and a half tattoo’s later. The Foot reads ‘Dont Fail Me Now. If your out and about Hollywood, Ca – go check out Will Rise Tattoo on Fairfax, might as well .. thats a block from the Hundreds, a store away from Supreme, Flight Club LA and other kool places.


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