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Del Amo resident King Pen hit me up with an idea he had for a music video for his take on TYGAs ‘Rack City’ – he flipped it, ‘Rap City’. Im workin on cutting the video as we speak and its geared up to drop later this week. In-between shooting i took a few fotos and flipped em in instagram, King Pen is pictured wearing 5ABI KINGS new Snapback & tee (released in Canada only, droppin in Cali in a week).5ABI KINGS


T.E.J BLAZE & KINGPEN – ‘PUSHIN IT’ (behind the scenes)

Here’s a behind the scenes clip from a mini film im shooting for TEJ BLZE of Carson California by way of Compton and KINGPEN of Del Amo California. While its a short teaser – the guys brief you on the track and creative elements from the team. Look for future trailers as the project develops.

5ABI KINGS x T.E.J Blaze x Kingpen